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    Improving Employment Outcomes

    The KTER Center will connect day-to-day employment support professionals with the best information available on how to assist individuals in obtaining their employment goals.

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    Resources to expand knowledge about evidence-based practices

    The KTER Center will offer articles, website, webcasts, conferences and databases to improve employment for people with disabilities.

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    Training activities for employment-focused grantees

    The KTER Center will provide online courses and online/ in-person workshops that will address the needs of both novice and experienced participants.

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    Bringing employment research to audiences

    The KTER Center will encourage the use of employment research among businesses/employers, policymakers, employment support professionals, people with disabilities and their families, and NIDRR/RSA grantee researchers.

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State of the Science Conference

Knowledge Translation for Employment Research

Live Conference Concluded - Sept. 16-17, 2014
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Last Updated on Wednesday, November 12 2014 07:00
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Now available: KTER Today, Issue 12

Last Updated on Friday, September 19 2014 14:26

About the KTER Center

SEDL's Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER) will synthesize and disseminate existing high-quality research on improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities; conduct original research to identify and test strategies that encourage the use of such research among businesses/employers, policymakers, vocational rehabilitation agency staff, and people with disabilities; and train researchers in using the most effective knowledge translation strategies. The KTER Center develops and implements dissemination, training, and technical assistance activities.

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